Manchu Vishnu shares Prakash Raj’s personal chat about Maa resignation

Vishnu Manchu won the Maa elections with a good majority yesterday. He won over Prakash Raj, who today, resigned from the Maa association.

He also messaged Vishnu about this and the young hero shared a snapshot of their personal chat. In the chat Prakash Raj has wished Vishnu all the best and also revealed he cannot work in Maa any longer.

Not stopping there, Vishnu has replied back to Prakash Raj requesting him not take hasty decisions and think about his resignation once again. Vishnu also promised in his chat that he will meet Prakash soon and convince him personally about taking back his resignation.

With each passing day, a new twist is coming out in the Maa elections and we need to see what is in store for us in the days to come.