Vishnu Manchu’s surprise revelations on Chiranjeevi, Charan and NTR

Addressing the media for the first time as MAA President earlier today, hero Vishnu Manchu has made some shocking revelations on Chiranjeevi. “Before the elections, Chiranjeevi uncle had asked me to withdraw from the elections to make Prakash Raj as the unanimous choice for MAA President post. I never wanted to reveal this before, but I’m revealing it now since the elections are over,” Vishnu told the media.

The Manchu actor went on to say, “Ram Charan is a good friend of mine, but he must have voted for Prakash Raj upon his father’s advice. Charan never goes against his dad. NTR couldn’t vote for to some personal issues. But the first call I received after my victory was from Tarak,” said Vishnu.

Vishnu further said he will not accept Naga Babu’s resignation from his MAA membership and that Naga Babu’must withdraw his resignation. “I won this election because of my father. So many people voted for me only because of their trust in my father. I will strive hard to respect that trust,” said Vishnu.