Audio Review : Aagadu – Sure Shot Winner

The audio of Mahesh Babu’s eagerly awaited flick, Aagadu was released with huge fan fare yesterday. S S Thaman has scored music for this film, which is also his 50th album in his career. The CD’s are out in the stores now, and let’s see how the complete album is.

Song 1: Aagadu

Analysis:- The album starts of with the title song Aagadu. Sung by the experienced Shankar Mahadevan, this song hits you instantly. The tune is quite energetic, and the hook up line is quite hummable. Fiery lyrics only add to the soul, and elevate the song completely. The background voice that comes in is a icing on the cake, and the stunning visuals makes this song a winner.

Song 2: Aaja Saroja

Analysis:- The second song in the album is the romantic number Aaja Saroja. Thaman sets the mood of the song quite simple and subtle. Lyrics are poetic and describe the heroes love for the heroine. Tune of this song is once again catchy, and immediately hooks you on to the lovely song.

Song 3:- Bhel Puri

Analysis:- Moving on, the third song in the album is the mass number Bhel Puri. An instant chart buster, this is probably the best song in the album, and Thaman’s best compositions off late. The singing, quirky lyrics, tune and hook up line will just hit the right chord with the audience.

Song 4:- Junction Lo

Analysis:- The fourth song in the album is Junction Lo, which is a typical Thaman song with all his trademark trumpet sounds and beats. The catchy tune is the only saving grace, which is aimed for the mass audience, and will look good when you watch it visually.


Song 5:- Naari Naari

Analysis:- The fifth song in the album is yet another interesting song Naari Naari. Sung by Thaman himself, this fun song is also an sure shot winner, with its catchy tune and peppy music arrangements. Thaman’s singing is the best part of the song, and the lyrics sung by the chorus, are very catchy and elevate the song to another level.

Song 6: Theme of Aagadu

Analysis : The last song of the album is the theme song of Aagadu. An interesting remix of all the dialogues and song tunes from the film, this number is just the icing on the cake for this entertaining album.




On the whole, Thaman does complete justice to his 50th album, and makes it a rocking score. Aagadu, Naari Naari and Bhel Puri are instant chart busters, and are our picks. The entire album is quite catchy and caters to every section of the audience. A sure shot winner, which will only add to the craze and success of the film.

Reviewed by Avad M