Audio Review : Manam- Anup Ruben’s Masterpiece

Annapurna Studios latest venture, Manam has been one of the most awaited films in Tollywood off late. Starring the entire Akkineni family, Manam has music by Anup Rubens, and has hist the market now. Let’s see what it has in store for the listeners.

Song 1: Kanulanu Taake
Lyrics: Vanamali
Singers: Arijit Singh

Analysis:- The album starts of with the song Kanulanu Taake O Kala. Sung by the super talented Arijit Singh, this romantic song will hit you instantly. There is not much fuss about the beats, but it is the composition and lyrics which have been kept simple and soothing. What makes this song even more special, is the effortless singing by Arijit Singh. Kanulanu Taake will be an even bigger hit, once you watch it visually.

Song 2: Chinni Chinni Asalu

Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singers: Ashwin, Hari, Shreya Ghoshal

Analysis:- Second song in the album is Chinni Chinni Aasalu. This is yet another romantic ballad, which has a cute catchy tune. Sung beautifully by Ashwin, Shreya Ghoshal’s voice only adds a lot of class to this song. Lyrics written by Chandrabose are meaningful, and yet simple. This song reminds you of the good old romantic melodies which are missing these days.

Song 3: Kani Penchina Ma Ammake
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singers: Bharath

Analysis:- Moving on, the third song in the album is Kani Penchina Ma Ammake, which is a song dedicated to all mothers. Continuing with the movie’s theme, Anup Rubens has made this song sound native and emotional. The beats, sounds and orchestration are totally Indian. Lyrics are truly meaningful, and heavy chorus only adds a lot of depth to the song.

Song 4: Piyo Piyo Re
Lyrics: Anup Rubens
Singers: Jaspreet Jazz, Anup Rubens, Rahul

Analysis:- Next in the list is the hit track Piyo Piyo Re. Sung by the energetic Jaspreet Jazz, this is an instant chart buster because of many reasons. Firstly, it is an youth oriented club mix with catchy tune and lyrics. Icing on the cake are the remixed verses of ANR’s famous Nenu Puttyanu Loka Edchindi song, which are perfectly incorporated into the song. A true hit number which is perhaps the best song in the album.

Song 5: Edi Prema
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singers: Haricharan

Analysis:- Fifth song in the album is Haricharan number Edi Prema Prema. This song sounds similar to the Kani Penchina Ammaki song, but has a slightly alterated tune to it. Once again, the sound is Indian, and by the sound of it, this looks like a soothing montage song. Lyrics by Chandrabose are yet again neat and meaningful, and add soul to this number.

Song 6: Manam Theme

Analysis:- The album sums up with the Manam theme song. Anup Rubens shows his true talent here, and incorporates music from all the three generations. While the album starts of with old classic music, he ends up with contemporary Mexican theme sounds.



On the whole, Anup Rubens gives Manam’s music album a breath of fresh air amidst the current fast beat and maddening mass numbers. Piyo Piyo Re, Kanulanu Taake, Chinni Chinni Aasalu are sure shot hits and our picks. Finally, the ANR family has a class and meaningful album in their hands, and have half the battle won already.

Reviewed by Avad M