Audio Review : Mr. Nokia – Rocking Musical Feast

Manchu Manoj Kumar has earned a name for himself as someone who is not afraid to experiment. His upcoming movie ‘Mr. Nokia’ seems to reaffirm this fact. Sana Khan and Kriti Kharbandha are the heroines in this project. Ani Kanneganti is the director and D.S.Rao is the producer. The audio album has been released recently and Yuvan Shankar Raja has scored the music. This album contains seven tracks in all. Let us see how it is.

1.Song: No.Keyia
Artists: Ranjith
Lyrics: Rama Jhogayya Sastry

This is an incredibly energetic track with some rocking music and outstanding vocals from Ranjith. After listening to it for a few times, this track becomes highly addictive. Ranjith must be commended for really elevating this song to another level with a superb performance. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is terrific.

2.Song: Oke Oka Jeevitham
Artists: Haricharan
Lyrics: Rama Jhogayya Sastry

This is a very romantic solo number with some very soulful and deep lyrics provided by Rama Jhogayya Sastry. Haricharan renders this song with a lot of emotion and this is carried through beautifully to the listener. Yuvan Shankar Raja makes lovely use of the guitar, violin and synthesizer to come up with a very melodious track. Thumbs Up!

3.Song: Pista Pista
Artists: Karthik, Yuvan
Lyrics: Manoj Manchu

Manchu Manoj has penned the lyrics for this peppy song. This number has been seen originally in the Tamil flick Vanam as ‘Evandi Unna Pethan’. Karthik and Yuvan Shankar Raja have done a good job with the lyrics. Music is terrific new age stuff and the soundtrack relies heavily on electronic instruments. I have a feeling that this song will become an instant rage among college students. Terrific foot tapping number.

4.Song: Pranam Poye Badha
Artists: Yuvan
Lyrics: Manoj Manchu

This is a sad solo number that captures the agony in the hero’s heart. Manchu Manoj’s lyrics are deep and effective. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s vocals do the job. Music is soft and stays mostly in the background. Decent Song

5.Song:No Money No Honey
Artists: Karthik, Premji
Lyrics: Rama Jhogayya Sastry

This number has a slightly mass touch and this is the kind of song that is picturized in ‘kallu compounds’. The song is a satirical take on the dominance of money in our lives. Rama Jhogayya Sastry’s lyrics are effective and carry a good punch. Karthik and Premji turn in a decent performance. This song will catch on of picturized well.

6..Song: Ye Janma Bandhamo
Artists: Ranjith, Priya Hemesh
Lyrics: Lakshmi Bhupal

This is the only duet of the album. This song has been seen in the Tamil flick ‘Kaadhal Konden’ as ‘Nenjodu Kalinthidu’. The song starts off with some very melodious music. Priya Hemesh’s voice literally drips with honey in this track.Outstanding performance from her. Ranjith’s voice kicks in only during the latter half of the song. Lakshmi Bhupal’s lyrics are excellent. Yuvan Shankar Raja proves that he is a worthy son of the Music Maestro Ilayaraja

7. Song: Theme of No.Keyia
Artists : Blazee
Lyrics : Lakshmi Bhupal

This is the movie’s theme song and it has a very earthy feel. Blazee has rendered this song and Lakshmi Bhupal has penned the ‘lyrics’, if you can call them that. This song will most likely be used as a filler during titles or end credits. Music is ok.


Verdict : The audio album of ‘Mr. Nokia’ is one of the best ‘new age’ musicals to have come out from our industry in recent times. The album has a very nice mix of melody and new age techno stuff. Yuvan Shankar Raja has outdone himself with Mr. Nokia. The scope of this album will most likely be limited to A & B centers and young people. ‘No.Keyia’, ‘Oke Oka Jeevitham’, ‘Pista Pista’ and ‘Ye Janma Bandhamo’ are my picks from this superb album. Thumbs Up for Mr. Nokia’s soundtrack. I am off to listen to it once more.


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