Audio Review : Poola Rangadu – A safe commercial album

Sunil and Isha Chawla have teamed up for the upcoming commercial action entertainer ‘Poola Rangadu’. The audio album has been released yesterday at a special function held at Katriya Hotel in Hyderabad. Music has been scored by Anup Rubens. Veerabhadram Chowdhary has taken care of screenplay, direction and story. K.Atchi Reddy has produced the film. ‘Poola Rangadu’ has 5 songs in all and a Club Mix version of one of the numbers. Let us see how the audio album stacks up.

1.Song: Poola Rangadu
Artists: Benny Dayal, Nakash, Bhargavi , Lipsika
Lyrics: Ananth Sriram

This is a classic hero introduction song which is peppy and full of energy. The singers do a good job with the vocals. Anup Rubens has given a fast paced musical score for the song and we can expect some terrific dance from Sunil. Anantha Sriram’s lyrics are good. A decent song overall.

2.Song: Nuvvu Naku Kavali
Artists: Anup Rubens, Ranjith, Kousalya
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry

This is a soft duet that starts off with some melodious music. Anup Rubens, Ranjith and Kousalya have done a decent job with the vocals. Some more emotion in Kousalya’s performance would have been great. Ramajogayya Sastry’s lyrics are ok. Music is just about ok and there is a heavy use of percussion instruments in the number. Again, nothing spectacular but a pretty decent number overall.

3.Song: Okkade Okkade
Artists: Raja Hassan, Noel,Lipsika
Lyrics: Kandikonda

Okkade Okkade is a commercial number with a very folkish feel. The song will most likely be set in a village ‘jathara’ or some village festival where the entire family celebrates the event.The singers have rendered the vocals with a lot of energy and spirit. Expect a very colourful and energetic picturization. Kandikonda’s lyrics do the job. Music is very earthy and a heavy use of native instruments can be noticed. This song will catch on slowly and will look great on screen if picturized well.

4.Song:Nuvve Nuvvele
Artists: Karthik, Gayathri
Lyrics: Vanamali

Nuvve Nuvvele is a soft romantic duet. The song is very pleasant to listen to and one can expect the song to be picturized in exotic locales with some slow romantic steps. Karthik has done a decent job with the vocals. Vanamali’s lyrics are ok. Music is soft and melodious and supports the singers well. This is easily the best number from the album.

Artists: Udith Narayan, Meenal Jain
Lyrics: Chandrabose

This is another peppy duet with a good amount of energy. Udith Narayan and Meenal Jain have delivered a spirited performance. Chandrabose has provided some very commercial lyrics and they do the job. Music is very earthy and has a nice ‘mass’ feel. Expect some very commercial and provocative picturization for this song.

Verdict : Poola Rangadu is a safe commercial album. There is nothing remarkable in the music but the songs are decent to listen to. The album has been designed to maximize the opportunities for Sunil to showcase his dancing abilities. ‘Nuvve Nuvvele’ and ‘Okkade Okkade’ are my picks from the album. Songs like these will become popular if picturized well. You can try out this album but don’t expect to find anything new or innovative in terms of music.

– Mahesh K.S

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