Audio Review : Bejawada – A medley of powerful emotions

Naga Chaitanya is soon going to be seen in a powerful political drama, ‘Bejawada’. The movie has been produced by Ram Gopal Varma and Kiran Kumar Koneru. Vivek Krishna has directed this flick. Amala Paul is the heroine. The audio of the movie has been released directly into the market without much fanfare. The movie is gearing up for a release on November 24th. Music has been scored by multiple professionals for this movie.

1.Song: Durgamma Krishnamma
Artists: Jo Jo Nathaniel
Lyrics: Rehman

This is a powerful song with lyrics that will appeal tremendously to people who have grown up in Vijayawada aka Bejawada or who have their roots there. The song glorifies the powerful and contrasting attributes of the city of Vijayawada and its people. The song has been rendered with a lot of passion and energy by Jo Jo Nathaniel and the emotion carries through to the listener. The music is intense and goes well with the song.

2.Song: Adagaka Nannemi
Artists: Javed Ali , Chandrayee Bhattacharya
Lyrics: Kaluva Sai

This is a very soft duet that has an incredibly romantic feel to it. There is a tremendous scope for some top notch picturization for this song. Javed Ali and Chandrayee Bhattacharya deliver a good performance. Kaluva Sai’s lyrics are nicely poetic. This song will catch on with time and will look better than it sounds in isolation.

3.Song: Ninnu Choosina
Artists: Javed Ali, Swetha Pandit
Lyrics: Sira Sri

This is another romantic duet from the movie. This song sounds like one of those classic RGV songs of old with Urmila and will probably be picturized along similar lines. An okay performance from Javed Ali and Swetha Pandit coupled with average lyrics from Sira Sri leave this song with a very mediocre feel. A strictly okay number that will depend on picturization to survive.

4.Song: Konte Choopulu
Artists: Hemachandra, Geetha Madhuri
Lyrics: Rehman

This song has the feel of a ‘function song’ written all over it, the kind that is probably sung at the wedding of a friend.Rehman’s lyrics are strictly average. Hemachandra and Geetha Madhuri do a good job with the vocals. Music is ok and is in tune with the song’s theme.

5.Song: Rammu Ginnu
Artists: Deepthi Chari
Lyrics: Sira Sri

This is the item song of the movie. Deepthi Chari’s performance is ok but is somehow does not give the song the necessary kick.Sira Sri’s lyrics are nothing to write home about. Music is average. A more energetic performance in the vocals department as well as better lyrics would have given the song a better feel


6. Song: Aiigiri Nandini
Artists: Ravishankar
Lyrics: Sri Adi Shankaracharyulu

This is a remix of the timeless devotional classic penned by Adi Shankaracharyulu. The song resonates with a lot of positive energy and Ravishankar’s vocals give the song the necessary sinister feel. Music is dominated by heavy synthesizer beats. The song has a very new and innovative feel to it.

7.Song: Beja Beja
Artists: Jo Jo Nathaniel
Lyrics: Sira Sri

This song is a very intensely rendered number. Jo Jo Nathaniel does a fabulous job. With a fast and racy beat to accompany it, this song has a very sinister feel and is probably a nice summary of the emotional intensity we can expect in the movie. Sira Sri’s lyrics are good.



8. Song: Le Legara
Artists: Srikanth
Lyrics: Chaitanya Prasad

This is an inspirational number that instills confidence in the hero to fight against all odds. Srikanth does a good job with the vocals and the right emotion is carried through to the listener. Chaitanya Prasad’s lyrics are good. Music is rousing and is apt for the occasion.




Bejawada will be an intensely emotional political drama that will take the viewer on a roller coaster ride. The audio album is no different. On one hand there is the rousing number ‘Durgamma Krishnamma’ while on the other hand,you have the soft, slow and romantic ‘Adagaku Nannemi’. Bejawada captures so many different emotions effortlessly. There are some pretty good numbers in the movie. The songs in the album are geared towards an RGV style picturization. True success of the album will depend on the picturization and the fate of the movie.

– Mahesh K.S