Audio Review : Dookudu – All Round Winner

Prince Mahesh Babu’s Dookudu is creating a tremendous buzz across the industry with its look and feel. Mahesh Babu looks absolutely stunning in the visuals and Samantha is looking equally gorgeous. The music was launched at a glittering audio function held yesterday at Shilpa Kala Vedika. Music for the film has been composed by S.S. Thaman and Dookudu has six tracks in all. Let us see how the songs stack up.

1. Nee Dookudu :
Singer(s): Shankar Mahadevan
Lyrics: Vishwa

This is an introduction song in the classic mould, along the lines of Jagadame in Pokiri. The song has been rendered with tremendous energy and vigour by Shankar Mahadevan. Thaman comes up with some good peppy music and the track moves along in a fast paced and cheerful manner.There is good guitar work in this song. Vishwa’s lyrics are just about ok but they achieve their purpose of elevating the hero’s character. This song will cater beautifully to fans and front benchers.

2. Guruvaram
Singer(s): Rahul Nambiar
Lyrics: Rama Jogayya Sastry

This song starts of beautifully with some nice synthesizer beats. Rama Jogayya Sastry’s lyrics are fairly romantic and they are used very well by Rahul Nambiar, whose voice imparts a certain positive vibration to the song. A lovely chorus & some soft and soulful music make this one of the best songs of the album. This song will be an instant chart-buster and will remain with the listeners for a long time.

3.Chulbuli Chulbuli
Singer(s): Karthik, Rita
Lyrics: Rama Jogayya Sastry

This song looks and feels like the song “Kilimanjaro” from Robot. The trailer for this song shows that even the dancer’s costumes are pretty similar.Standard fare here from Rama Jogayya Sastry as well as from Thaman. Nothing new or innovative. Decent performances from Karthik and Rita turn this one into an average number. Nothing mind blowing, but will probably look good on screen because of the picturization.

4. Poovai Poovai
Singer(s): Ramya, Naveen Madhav
Lyrics: Rama Jogayya Sastry

This song has some very addictive music and the guitar work is simply superb. This is supposed to be the “item song” of the movie and Ramya makes sure that you never miss that fact when you are listening to this song. Looks like she had a lot of fun singing this song and it shows. This song unabashedly takes its inspiration from Sholay’s “Mehbooba Mehbooba” and that’s absolutely fine when we have so much fun listening to this number. Rama Jogayya Sastry’s lyrics are nicely provocative and lend a mischievous feel to the number. This is one of the best songs of the album and will turn out to be an iconic blockbuster if picturized well.

5. Dethadi Dethadi
Singer(s): Ranjith, Divya
Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla

This is an out and out mass number and Thaman has done an admirable job here. The song has a very earthy and uncomplicated feel to it and will impress listeners the first time itself. Ranjitha and Divya render this number with gay abandon and that’s the principal reason why this track will do well. There is tremendous energy in this song. Bhaskarabhatla’s lyrics do the job but they are nothing to write home about.

6.Adara Adaragottu
Singer(s): Karthik, Koti, Rama Jhogaya Sastry, Vardhini, Ranina Reddy
Lyrics: Rama Jogayya Sastry

This song has “Sreenu Vytla” written all over it. This is a typical wedding song that is found in Sreenu Vytla’s movies and one can easily guess why this song will appear in the movie. The lyrics by Rama Jogayya Sastry are decent enough and this is an ok number. This song is probably critical for the story’s progress.

Analysis: Mahesh Babu has a pretty good album on his hands and that is already half the battle won. There is something for everyone in this album and my favourite picks are Guruvaram, Poovai Poovai, Nee Dookudu and Dethadi Dethadi.These songs will achieve greater success once the movie is out as there is tremendous scope for visual grandeur with these tracks. Buy it and enjoy it!

– Mahesh K.S.