Music Review : Mukunda – Classy Album

The much awaited audio of Varun Tej’s Mukunda wil be launched amidst huge fan fare today. Mikey J Meyer has composed the music for this film which is directed by Srikanth Addala. The music album is now available in stores and let’s see how the complete album is.

Song 1: Chesededo

Analysis:- The first song in the album is the youthful number Chesededo. Lyrics of this song are quite inspiring and the singing only adds to the whole tempo of the song. This number has a complete rock based feel and showcases Varun Tej’s attitude in the film. This songs will surely grow on you more once you listen to it multiple times.

Song 2: Daredumdum

Analysis: The second song in the album is Daredumdum. Probably the best song in the album, this is a typical Mickey J Meyer kind of a song which has a catchy chorus line. The hook up line ‘Daredudum’ is quite addictive and hits you instantly. A soft romantic number, this song will surely top the charts and look even more good visually.

Song 3:- Chala Baundi

Analysis:- Moving on, third song in the album is Chala Baundi. Once again, here comes a song which is a winner when you hear it for the very first time. Mickey has given a soothing feel to this song and the hook up line only adds to the total effect. The feel of this number is upbeat and the meaningful lyrics and singing will only make this number a rage.

Song 4:- Gopikamma

Analysis:- The fourth song is Gopikamma which is sung by the legendary Chitra. A typical ladies number which is filled with festivity all over. Chitra’s melodious singing brings a lot of fun to this song which is ably supported by Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry classy lyrics.

Song 5:- Arere Chandrakala

Analysis:- The fifth song in the album is Arere Chandrakala, which hits the right chord instantly. Mickey and Srikanth Addala intentionally keep the festive effect even in this number. Sung by the talented singer Karthik, this is a peppy romantic track which is quite simple and yet melodious.

Song 6:- Nandalala

Analysis:- The last song in the album is Nandalala, which is once again a super hit number which hits you right away. This song sums up the album in the right way and has melody written all over it. The singing, composition and chorus suit perfectly to the set up of this song and make this number memorable.


With Mukunda’s music album, Varun Tej has half the battle won. Daredumdum, Nadalala, Chala Baundi are our picks and will surely hit the right chords. Mickey J Meyer once again proves that he is a class apart and provides a chart topping romantic album which is quite soothing and melodious.

Reviewed by Avad M

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