Music Review : Baahubali – Universal Album

Probably for the first time in Tollywood, a music album has been so eagerly awaited. The audio album of S S Rajamouli’s Baahubali is finally out in the market. Let’s see how this M M Keeravani musical turns out to be.

Song 1: Pacha Botesi

Analysis:- The album starts off with a soothing romantic number Paccha Bottesina. The music arrangements, sensible lyrics and Keeravani’s subtle feel of the song will hit you instantly. This number has a soothing appeal and Karthik’s singing only makes it clean and lovable.


Song 2: Dheevara

Analysis:- Moving on, the second song in the album is Dheevara which is a yet another romantic number. The quirky lyrics in the background makes this song quite interesting and fun to listen to. This number is nicely supported by Ramya and Deepu’s effortless singing and makes it a decent number.

Song 3: Mamatala Thalli

Analysis:- The third song in the album is a heavy duty number Mamatala Thalli. This song sets the mood right and elevates the historic moments in the film. The part sung by the chorus and the unique orchestration will impress you more after you watch its stunning visuals.


Song 4: Shivuni Aana

Analysis:- The fourth song in the album is the mesmerizing Shivuni Aana. Song effortlessly by Keeravani himself, this is one of the top songs in the album. Orchestration is of international standards and the heavy duty drum beats will blow you away. What’s more interesting are the intriguing lyrics and heavy emotions in the song.

Song 5: Manohari

Analysis:- Moving on, the next song in the album is Manohara which is supposed to be the item number in the film. Right from the lyrics to the mood of the song, everything is upbeat and ups the fun element in the film. Karthik’s vocals are quite good and enhance the value of this peppy number.

Song 6: Nippule Swasagaa

Analysis:- Next in the list is Nippule Swasagaa, a patriotic song which sets up the war sequences in the film. The lyrics are once again heavy duty and Keeravani’s singing gives a lot of depth to this number. This song will once again be more appealing when you watch the enigmatic visuals.

Song 7: Jeevanadi

Analysis:- The last song in the album is the sad theme song Jeevanadi which depicts the pain and grief in the film. The music arrangement is quite simple and the way Geeta Madhuri sings it with deep pain is pretty good.



On the whole, Baahubali’s music album surely lives to the hype and hysteria. All the songs are situational and will impress you even more after you watch S S Rajamouli’s stunning visuals on screen. Dheevara, Pacha Botesina, Shivuni Aana and Mamatala Talli are our picks and will be liked by everyone. Finally, Baahubali’s music score is one of the best works of Keeravani and will elevate this biggest motion picture of India to another level.

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