Music Review : Brahmotsavam – Slow Poison

The much awaited audio of Mahesh Babu’s Brahmotsavam was launched amidst huge fan fare and expectations yesterday. Mickey J Meyer has composed some beautiful tunes for this film. Let’s now see how the complete album is.
1. Vacchindi Kada Avakasam

This is the song which was actually released ahead of the audio launch along with the teaser. It has all the ingredients of being a hit family song for years to come. The lyrics are simple and yet describe so much about life. Mickey’s energetic composition brings life to this song and makes it an instant hit.

2. Madhuram Madhuram
The second song, Madhuram Madhuram is the shortest number in the album and describes about Lord Shri Krishna. The song is quite soothing with the only word, madhuram used throughout. Looks like this small rendition will be a montage number which will showcase some interesting scenes featuring Mahesh Babu.


3. Brahmotsavam
Moving ahead, the next song is the title track Brahmotsavam. This number will hit you right away with its soulful theme and tune. Sri Ram Chandra brings life to this song with his beautiful singing. Along with a traditional tune, the song also has a perfect blend of techno and trendy beats that will automatically make your feet tap.

4. Aata Paatalaadu

Next in line is Aata Paataladu which is a slow and meaningful number which is message oriented. The song is composed in a low pitch and Karthik carries the mood throughout with his superb voice and makes this song sound even better.


5. Naidorintikada
This song sounds like a folk village number with the female voices making up the whole song. This song is a little bit different than the rest and has the commercial feel. The lyrics are quite bubbly and reveal the festive nature of the film. May be shot on the two star heroines, this number will hit you more once you watch it on screen.

6. Bala Tripuramani
This is easily the best song in the album and has a beautiful blend of Indian and western beats. Right from the singing to the visuals, the quirky tune and beautiful singing makes this number an instant chart buster. You will keep hearing this number even more post the film’s release.


7. Put Your Hands Up
This is the weakest song of the lot when compared to the others. Even though this song is quite average, it might do well after you watch the visuals. What clicks with this song is the superb singing by Shravana Bhargavi who makes the song her own and brings some depth to it.


Overall, Micket J Meyer has once again churned out an album which completely goes with the situations in the film. The album has a perfect blend of family, romantic and youthful numbers which will sound even better after you watch the stunning visuals. Vacchindikada Avakasam, Bala Tripuramani and Brahmotsavam are our picks and are bound to impress one and all. Finally, the entire album will hit you more once you listen to it multiple times.