Music Review : Bruce Lee – Typical Thaman Album

The audio of Ram Charan’s much awaited upcoming film Bruce Lee has finally hit the stores. Let’s see how this Thaman musical turns out to be.

Song 1 : Run

Analysis : The album kicks off with the energetic number Run. Lyrics penned by Sri Mani are quite racy and showcase the positive attitude of the youth. Thaman has created a unique sound and has made sure that this montage number will be a even bigger hit after watching its stylish visuals.


Song 2 : Ria

Analysis : The second song in the album is Ria. What actually hits you instantly are the catchy English lyrics which are quite peppy and nicely incorporated into the number. The composition has an urban feel and the way its catch phrase Ria Ria is tuned makes the song click big time.


Song 3 : Kung Fu Kumari

Analysis: Next in line is ‘Kung Fu Kumari’ which is a typical Thaman song with all his trademark beats. Rhythm of this number is quite catchy and hooks on to you easily. This song will especially be loved by all the mega fans as the catch phrase ‘mega mega’ has been tuned well into this dance number.


Song 4 : Le Chalo

Analysis: Moving forward, the fourth song is ‘Le Chalo’ which is probably the best song in the album. This romantic number is already rocking the charts and is one of the best compositions in Thaman’s career. Thaman’s voice suits this number supremely well and makes it an instant hit.

Song 5 : Bruce Lee

Analysis : The last song in the album is the out and out mass number Bruce Lee. Once again, Thaman plays it safe and composes a typical masala number which will go well with the masses. The quirky beats and massy lyrics remind you of Thaman’s previous hits and makes this song yet another routine time pass number.


Verdict :

Off late, music directors are playing it quite safe with their music albums. Bruce Lee falls into the safe zone as Thaman does his best and manages to churn out a peppy album. Even though these songs are in typical Thaman style, they will be liked for their catchy tunes. Le Chalo, Mega Mega, Run and Riya Riya are our picks and will go well with the mood of the film.

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