Music Review: Gautamiputra Satakarni – Lyrical brilliance

The audio of Balakrishna’s prestigious film, Gautamiputra Satakarni was out yesterday. Composed by Chitranjan Bhatt, let’s now see how this historical album turns out to be.

Song 1 : Ekimeeda

Analysis : The album kick starts with the romantic song Ekimeeda. After a long gap, Udit Narayan has been roped in to sing this track which hits you right away. Right from the tune to the composition, everything is quite soothing and peppy. The tempo of the song is quite happy and showcases the romantic relation between the lead pair. A simple yet romantic track which will impress you right away.

Song 2: Gana Gana

Analysis : The second song is the high-spirited victory song Gana Gana. The composition of this song only reveals about the true character of the mighty king and how he has fought many battles for his kingdom. The interesting aspect is that lyricist Seetarama Sastry keeps the lyrics simple so that everyone can understand it. This song will impress more as it is touted to be a huge visual feast for the audience.

Song 3: Mrignaina

Analysis : Moving on, the album continues with a situational song called Mrignayana. Sung beautifully by the legendary Balasubramanyam and Shreya Ghoshal, this song is once again an emotional number which shows the newly formed relation between the King and his wife. The track has some traditional influence which is filled with Ragas and Chitranjan Bhatt makes it quite simple with this different tune.

Song 4: Saho Sarwabhouma Saho

Analysis : The fourth song, Saho Sarwabhouma Saho is a historical number which shows the bravery of Satakarni and has some every hard hitting lyrics. Touted to a complete montage number, this song has the typical drum beats and instrumentation which you will associate with any period film which has great war scenes. Once again, Chitranjan does his best to elevate the lyrics with his thumping tune.

Song 5: Singamu Pai

Analysis : The last song on the album is the very old school Burra Katha type of scenario where the happenings are narrated through a voice over. The lyrics are quite emotional and depict the pain in the film. Not a song but this track will be more effective only when you watch it on screen.


The album of Gautamiputra Satakarni is the not the regular song and dance album which you associate with all period films. All the tracks are quite situational and have some very deep meaning through the magnificent lyrics of Seetaram Sastry. In situations like these, you cannot pick a particular number as all the songs will give you the right impact only when you watch the fiery Balakrishna and Krish’s magnificence narration on screen.

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Reviewed by Avad