Music Review : Jil – Stylized Album

Talented hero Gopichand, is flying high with the super success of Loukyam. He is now back with a stylish entertainer ‘Jil’ and the audio of this film is out in the market. Let’s see how it is.

Song 1: Man on Fire

Analysis:- The album starts of with the song ‘Man on fire’ which has a complete hard rock effect. Instrumentation is quite heavy and the lyrics are hard hitting. The hook up line ‘man on fire’ and the way it has been tuned instantly reminds you of theme music from Bond films. Singer Bianca Gomes gives this song a rustic effect and Gibhran’s music make this number quite upbeat.

Song 2 : Jil Jil Manase

Analysis:- The second song in the album is ‘Jil Jil Manase’ which is a soothing romantic number. Lyrics are simple and what sets the mood of the song is the way Bollywood singer Shalmali Kholgade sings it in a quirky tone. This song will hit you slowly after you listen to it multiple times.

Song 3 : Swing Swing Swing

Analysis:- Moving on, the third song in the album is the party number Swing Swing Swing. This peppy number hits you with its unique tune, and the way Hindi lyrics are incorporated makes this number quite groovy. Blazee’s singing is contemporary and blends nicely with the DJ effects.

Song 4 : Yemaindi Vela

Analysis:- Probably the best song in the album, Yemaindi Vela hooks on to you instantly. The way it has been composed, sung and arranged is very good. Gibhran once again makes sure that the song has an international feel. The chorus used and the hook up lines make this song quite refreshing.


Song 5 : Pori Masala Pori

Analysis:- No album in Tollywood is left out without a mass number and same is the case with this film too. The last song in the album is the item number Pori Masala Pori. Sung effortlessly by Saranya Gopinath, music arrangement is quite local and has enough depth to woo the front benchers.


With Jil, Ghibran once gain proves that he is surely a talent to watch out for. The range of this album is quite wide and has a contemporary effect with international feel. ‘Yemaindi Vela’, ‘Man on Fire’ and ‘Swing Swing Swing’ are our picks and will be liked by the youth in particular. Finally, UV Creations are bang on with their product and bring out an stylized album yet again.

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