Music Review : Khaidi No 150 – Foot Tapping Album

The complete audio of Chiranjeevi’s comeback film, Khaidi No 150 is finally out today. Composed by Devi Sri Prasad, let’s now see how this album turns out to be.

Song 1 : Ammadu Let’s do Kummudu

Analysis : The album kick starts with a typical DSP mass number ‘Ammadu’ which instantly reminds you of Katrina Kaif’s Chickni Chameli from Agneepath. What’s good here is that DSP brings his own charm with some heavy duty mass beats. The ace composer himself croons this song which has some very catchy and fun lyrics. The beats are routine but the tempo in the number is quite upbeat. Aimed directly at the masses, this number is a super hit the first time you hear it.

Song 2: You and Me

Analysis : The second song is the romantic number ‘You and Me’ which is sung by the super talented Shreya Ghosal and Hari Haran. Probably the only romantic number in the album, this song will hit you more after you listen to it for multiple times. DSP makes the tune quite old school and lets the singers dominate. A decent number which will pick up well after you watch the beautiful chemistry between Kajal and Chiru on screen.

Song 3: Rathalu

Analysis : Moving on, the album continues with a yet another mass number called Rathalu. Probably, the best song of the album, this number is mega hit from the time you listen to it. Lyrics are quite massy and Nakash Aziz’s singing elevates the tempo to another level. DSP composes this number with such energetic beats just to allow Chiru to showcase his trademark dance moves. The audience is surely going to have a feast in the theaters when they watch Chiru in full flow.

Song 4: Sundari

Analysis : The fourth song in the album is the fun number Sundari. Once in a while, DSP comes up with these simple yet fun numbers which are quite catchy and filled with fun lyrics. Sundari falls in the same category and Jaspreet Jazz makes this song an instant hit with his unique voice. DSP’s composition is so foot tapping that you feel like listening to this number many a time. With Chiru teasing Kajal on screen and beautiful foreign locales, this number will also be a huge visual delight.

Song 5: Neeru Neeru

Analysis : The last song on the album is Neeru Neeru which is the moving tribute to the farmers and their problems. Sung exceptionally well by Shankar Mahadevan, this montage number has some heart touching lyrics by Ramjogayya Sastry which haven been nicely tuned by DSP. The song is not harsh on you and showcases the pain in a simple and soothing manner and will be very interesting to watch on screen.


One can easily say that the idea of releasing Khaidi No150’s songs one after the other has worked big time for the makers. Even though there is nothing novel about the compositions, DSP makes these songs so foot tapping and easy on the ears that all the tracks will hit you right away. Sundari, Rathalu and Ammadu are our picks and will be even bigger hits once the film releases. Finally, DSP has given Ram Charan and his team a winning album and with Chiru at the helm of things, the fans are in for a feast when they watch their mega star groove to these beats.

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