Music Review : Lover – Pleasantly Romantic

The complete audio of Raj Tharu’s Lover is finally out in the open. Composed by various musicians like Sai Karthik, Ankit Tiwari, Richi Rich, let’s now see how this album turns out to be.

Song 1: Na Chilipi Kala

Analysis: The album starts off with a very peppy romantic number Na Chilipi Kala. Sai Karthick, who always composes mass numbers makes a u-turn and gives a soothing number which hits you instantly. The tune, lyrics, and mood of the song are quite upbeat and the best part of the number is the violin bit which hooks you completely. An instant hit which will click even more when the film comes out.

Song 2: What an Ammayi

Analysis: Analysis: The second song and probably one of the best songs on the album is What an Ammayi which is composed by Arko. Sung by the legendary Sonu Nigam, this song is a rage as soon as you listen to for the first time. Sonu Nigam’s singing and the quirky lyrics hold your attention right away. The is a certain aura about this song and Sonu gives you a happy feeling all the time while you listen to it.


Song 3: Adbhutam

Analysis: Moving on, the third song in the album is Adbhutam. This is yet another youthful number which has been composed by Tanishq Bagchi. He nicely blends the Malayalam classical with tecnho beats and makes this song very interesting. The hookup line and lyrics nicely blend with each other only to engross you into the song.

Song 4: Ramuni Banam La

Analysis: The fourth song is a hero introduction number called Ramuni Banam La which is composed by Rishi Rich. As in every opening song for a hero, this number too has been kept quite aggressive. Musician Rishi has given good beats to allow Raj Tharun to showcase his dancing skills. Just a passable number this song is.

Song 5: Ante Kada Mari

Analysis: The last two songs in the album have been composed by Bollywood musician Ankit Tiwari. Ante Kada Mari is a soulful romantic number which showcases the deep love between the lead pair. Ankit Tiwari himself croons this number which has a Bollywood feel altogether. The desi beats are coupled nicely with the lyrics and this song will impress us more after watching the romantic visuals.

Song 6: Yevaipuga Na Choopu Sagindi

Analysis: The album sums with a sad number called Yevaipuga Na Choopu Sagindi. This song instantly reminds you of sad montage numbers which A R Rahman composes most of the time. The lyrics are good and so is Ankit Tiwari’s singing. The mood of the song has been kept depressing with the amazing lyrics and this is where the song clicks.



On the whole, Raj Tharun manages to get yet another good album after Kumar 21F. As the film’s theme is a love story, the songs are kept soulful and are pleasing to the ears. Naalo Chilipi kala, What a Ammayyi, Adbhutam and Ante Kada Mari are our picks and will become bigger hits once the film releases. Dil Raju has a good album in his hands and with his promotional techniques, this album will surely give his film a bigger reach.

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