Audio Review : GAV- Feel Good Album

The much awaited audio of Ram Charan’s Govindudu Andarivadele was launched amidst huge fan fare recently. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed music for this film, which is directed by Krishna Vamsi. The music has caught on quite well, and let’s see how the complete album is.

Song 1: Nelirangu Cheeralona

Analysis:- The first song in the album is Neelirangu Cheeralona, which is sung by the versatile Hariharan. Yuvan Shankar Raja elevates the song with his soulful and yet hummable tune. What makes this song tick are the meaningful lyrics by Suddala Ashok Teja which showcase the various phases of love in life.

Song 2: Gulabi Kallu

Analysis: The second song in the album is Gulabi Kallu, which is probably the best song in the album. This number has a entertaining tune, and once again the concentration is on the lyrics which depict the romantic feel between the lead par. Bolywood singer Javed Ali croons this number in a superb tone and gives a special edge to this number.


Song 3:- Ra Rakumara

Analysis:- Moving on, the third song in the album is Ra Rakumara. Sung by the super talented Chinmayee, this number is a hardcore romantic song. The tune is quite laid back, and predicts the passion between the lead pair. This is a kind of a song which will hit you more, once you watch its video.

Song 4:- Pratichota Nake Swagatam

Analysis:- The fourth song is Pratichota Nake Swagatam, which is Ram Charan’s introduction song. Yuvan Shankar Raja gets creative here, and nicely blends the disco beats with contemporary music, and gives this song a retro feel. Lyrics are quite interesting, and the song reminds you of Chiranjeevi’s hit numbers from the 80’s.


Song 5:- Baava Gari Choope

Analysis:- The fifth song in the album is Baavagari Choope, which hits the right chord instantly. Yuvan Shankar Raja and Krishna Vamsi intentionally keep the feel of the movie through their songs. Yuvan’s tune is quite native and lovable. Right from the lyrics to the emotions in this song, everything is foot tapping.

Song 6:- Kokodi

Analysis:- The last song in the album is Kokodi, which is sung by Hariharan. Once again Yuvan opts for quite a simple number which does not have much in its music, and goes with the feel of the film.



On the whole with Govindudu Andarivadele, Yuvan Shankar Raja breaks away from the commercial format and gives quite a feel good music album. Gulabi Kallu, Baava Gari Choope and Pratichota Nake Swagatam are our picks and will be liked by everyone. Finally, GAV’s music will surely grow on you once you watch Krishna Vamsi’s beautiful visuals on screen.