Music Review : Jersey – Situation Based Album

The complete audio of Jersey is finally out in the open. Composed by the talented Anirudh, let’s now see how this album turns out to be.

Song 1: Adentogani

Analysis: The album starts off with Adentogani sung by Anirudh himself. The romantic ballad is soothing and hits you right away. The manner in which Anirudh croons the romantic lyrics is superb. The mood of the song is light and you will fall in love with the tune once you listen to it multiple times and watch the visuals on screen.

Song 2: Spirit of Jersey

Analysis:  The second song on the album is Spirit of Jersey sung by the super talented Kaala Bhairava. This number is the one which comes as a training song for Nani to get back in the game. The lyrics by Krishnakanth are inspirational and have the right spirit. Such songs will only sound good on the screen and not as an audio track number.


Song 3: Padhe Padhe

Analysis:  Moving on, the third song in Padhe Padhe once again sung by Anirudh. A youthful number, this song starts on a dull note. But when the rap version starts, things change and the song takes off from there. The mood becomes upbeat and the lyrics make you feel good. Once again a situational song this.


Song 4: Prapanchame Ala

Analysis:  The fourth song is Prapanchame Ala sung by the talented Shaasha Tirupathi. The song has a fusion of traditional and jazz music which is nicely interlaced. The singing is superb and once again the music is easy to the ears. The Veena bit that comes in the background is impressive. A montage number which will look good on screen.

Song 5: Neda Padhadani

Analysis:  The last song in the album is Neda Padhadani which is yet another emotional number which gives importance to lyrics. Krishnakanth once again does an amazing job with his lyrics. The rock music feel to the song sound decent and what’s special in this album is that every number is situation based. Same is the case with Neda Padhadani too which drives the narrative forward.


On the whole, the music of Jersey is a mixed bag as it has all kinds of numbers. The feel of the album is mostly emotional and all the songs are situational and carry the film forward. This is not the regular song and dance album which will hit you right away. The songs will please you more once you see them on screen. Adento Gani, Spirit of Jersey, and Padhe Padhe are our picks and the rest of the songs are strictly okay.

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