Music Review : Oopiri – Soothing Album

The colourful visuals of Oopiri have caught on big time with the audience. Now, the audio composed by Gopi Sundar has hit the market. Let’s see how its turns out to be.

Song 1 : Baby Agoddu

Analysis : The album kicks off with a quirky retro number Baby Agoddu. Sung by the legendary Shankar Mahadevan, this number has a unique orchestration with French music flavour. The mood of the song is quite upbeat and the colourful visuals will only help the song to register with the listeners even more.

Song 2 : Okka Life

Analysis : The second song is Okka Life which is a soothing slow number sung by Karthik. Once again, Gopi Sundar makes sure that the song sounds quite international and uses heavy violin effects. As the film is set in Paris, the songs have also been given an universal appeal and are mostly subtle and melodious which is also the case with the above number.

Song 3 : Ayyo Ayyo

Analysis : Moving on, the third and probably the best song in the album is Ayyo Ayyo. Sung by the talented Suchitra and Ranjith, this romantic duet hits you right away. The catchy tune and brilliant singing is what clicks with the song big time. The mass touch gives a unique effect to the song and makes it an instant hit.


Song 4 : Nuvvemicchyavo

Analysis : The fourth song in the album is an emotional montage number Nuvvemicchyavo. There is a lot of pain in this song which is probably showcased at a very critical point in the film. Based on the emotional bond between Karthi and Nagarjuna, this song will move you once you watch it on screen.

Song 5 : Podama

Analysis : The fifth number in the album is Podam, which is a simple yet fun song. There is nothing much unique about this number except for the meaningful lyrics which are elevated well by Haricharan’s singing. Once again, this song will also sound well only after watching it on the big screen.


Song 6 : Door No Okati

Analysis : Moving further, the album gets a jolt with an out an out mass number Door No Oakti. Sung by the super talented Geetha Madhuri, this is a regular mass song and is completely aimed at the masses. What is special about this routine dance number is the energetic singing by Geetha Madhuri.

Song 7 : Eppudo

Analysis : Finally, the album ends up with a sad number Eppudo. Sung once again by Karthik, the song depicts the pain in the proceedings and will only strike you once you watch the heart warming proceedings on screen.



The album of Oopiri is not the regular stuff which you come across in all Telugu films. Gopi Sundar makes sure that every song has a purpose and the beautiful lyrics only enhance them. Ayyo Ayyo, Okka Life, Eppudo and Nuvvemichavo are our picks and even though these songs might not hit you instantly, they are quite pleasant and will embrace you even more once you watch them with the colourful visuals.