Audio Review : Paathshala – Meaningful Album

The producer of films like Vinayakudu, Village Lo Vinayakudu and Kudirithe Cup Coffee, Mahi has now turned director with his debut film Paathshala. Rahul Raj has composed the music, which is getting good response from the audience. Let’s now see how the complete album is.

Song 1: Friendship Anthem

Analysis:- The first song in the album is Friendship Anthem, which is a youthful and fast based song. Lyrics are quite lively, and suit the mood of the song. Music arrangements are rock based, and will suit the ideologies of today’s younger generation.

Song 2: Merise Merise

Analysis:- The second song in the album is Merise Merise, which is a total fun song. The beats are contemporary, and the music composition is quite stylish and peppy. Lyrics are meaningful, and nicely set up the mood of the film in a simple and soothing manner.

Song 3:- Suryodayam

Analysis:- Moving on, the third song in the album is Suryodayam, which is probably the best song in the album. This song has a sufi touch and has beautiful lyrics to go with it. The hook up line is quite catchy, and will hit you instantly.

Song 4:- Freedom Song

Analysis:- The fourth song in the album is the Freedom song, which is yet again a heavy duty rock based song. Music composition is quite decent, and gives a energetic feel. Music director Raghav Raj, has gone with the theme of the film and made the lyrics nicely blend to the tune.


Song 5:- Shoonyamai

Analysis:- The last song in the album is Shoonyamai, which is a soothing ballad and depicts the pain in the film. Once again, the mood of the song is quite dull, and lyrics are meaningful. This song showcases the various moods of life, and will hit you once you listen to it multiple times.


On the whole, Paathshala is one album which has some meaningful songs which go with the flow of the film. The composer should be lauded for carrying the essence of the film with his songs aptly. Merise Merise and Suryodayam are our picks in this impressive album which will grow on steadily.

Reviewed by Avad M