Music Review : Gopala Gopala – Situational Album

Continuing with the trend of multi-starrers, yet another big budget flick, Gopala Gopala is set to hit the screens this Friday. Starring super stars Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan, this film’s audio was launched at a grand event yesterday. Let’s now see how the complete album is.

Song 1 : Bhaje Bhaje
Analysis:- The first song in the album is the festive number Bhaje Bhaje. A highly energetic number which is set amidst colorful celebrations is quite catchy and sets the mood of the film right. The best part of the song is the chorus, which gives a tremendous boost to the tempo of the song.

Song 2 : Enduko Enduko

Analysis:- The second song and probably the best song of the album is Enduko. Sung by the super talented Kailash Kher, this song will hit you instantly for the first time you listen to it. Kailash Kher’s enigmatic voice and meaning lyrics only add to the essence of this song. As the story has a devotional touch, the orchestration has been done keeping the satirical theme in mind.

Song 3 : Neede Neede

Analysis:- Last song in the album is Neede Neede, which is a typical montage song which depicts the pain and sorrow in the film. Singing is quite effective and once again, lyrics have a lot of depth. Anup Rubens has once again made sure that the music is quite Indian. Interesting aspect of the song is the sufi touch which completely gels with the theme of the song.


On the whole, Gopala Gopala’s audio has songs which are completely situational. There are only three tracks in the album, and all of them gel with theme of the film. Enduko and Bhaje Bhaje are our picks and will be liked by everyone. Finally, Goapala Gopala is a feel good album which will grow on you more once you watch the colorful visuals and go according to the mood of the film.

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