Music Review : Sarainodu -Rocking Album

After being publicized a lot, the music album of Allu Arjun’s Sarainodu is finally out in the market. Let’s see how it is.

Song 1 : Atiloka Sundari

Analysis : The album kicks off with a quirky number Atiloka Sundari. Sung by Bollywood musician Vishal Dadlani, this number has an interesting mix of western and Indian beats which are interlaced wonderfully. Thaman’s trade mark drum beats and tune make this song quite hummable. What clicks with the song is Vishal Dadlani’s innovative singing which is quite efflorescent and lively.

Song 2 : You are my MLA

Analysis : The second song and probably the best song in the album is You are my MLA. This song hits you instantly with its desi singing and a joyful peppy tune. Sung supremely well by Dhanujay, this song has some very catchy lyrics written aptly to suit the mood of the song. This teasing song will sound even better when you see Allu Arjun’s crazy histrionics on screen. An instant hit this number is.

Song 3 : Private Party

Analysis : Moving on, the third song and the weakest of the album is Private Party. This number is a hardcore party number composed only to showcase Allu Arjun’s swanky dance moves. There is nothing much to speak about this number and is yet another routine dance number which will look only good on screen.


Song 4 : Blockbuster

Analysis : The fourth song in the album is the already famous Blockbuster. Interesting aspect of this number is Shreya Ghoshal, who is known for her melodious voice sings an out and out mass number. Joining her in the fun is the lovable Simha who makes sure the mass hysteria is maintained throughout the song. Right from the music composition and tune, Thaman makes sure that he makes this mass number indeed a huge blockbuster.

Song 5 : Telusa Telusa

Analysis : The fifth number in the album is Telusa Telusa which is a complete romantic number. If one can observe, whenever Thaman has composed slow numbers, they have always been so good to hear. This is a complete class number which will hit you more after watching the beautiful visuals and the glamorous heroine on screen.


Song 6 : Sarinodu

Analysis : Finally, the album ends up with the title song Sarainodu. Sung by lady rapper Hard Kaur and company, this is a typical intro number which is associated with all big hero films. What’s interesting with the song is the retro feel with simple yet energetic beats. This song is bound to go well with all Allu Arjun fans. The star hero’s dance moves, stylish look and captivating lyrics make this number an interesting one.


Time and again, Thaman has been criticized for scoring those routine numbers with his trade mark drum beats. But one should not forget that he always comes up with some chart topping songs all the time. Same is the case with Sarainodu too. Thaman sticks to the formula and gives what is the need of the hour, some foot tapping hit numbers. Blockbuster, You are my MLA, Telusa Telusa and Atiloka Sundari are our picks and will become huge hits. Finally, like always, Allu Arjun has a thumping music album where he can show off his crazy dance moves and impress everyone like the way this album does.