Interview : B Gopal – My comeback film will be with Balakrishna

Aaradugula Bullet is a film that has been stuck with its release for a long time now. The film releases this Friday and on this occasion, we caught up with director B Gopal for an interview. Here is the transcript.

What is Aaradugula Bullet all about?

It is a proper commercial film and is about a father and son relationship. The father kicks out the son due to an issue and how the same son comes out and helps his family is the story all about. Prakash Raj and Gopichand play father and son in this film.

What are the highlights of this film?

The confrontation scenes between Gopichand and Prakash Raj, dialogues, the lead pair’s affection, and fights are the basic highlights of the film.

Why did you take such a long break in your career?

Post Narasimha Naidu, I was without work for close to ten months. Also, I am quite picky with my subjects and take a lot of time to fix my films. As there was back to back flops as well, a gap was created.

Senior directors are not able to cope up with the latest trend. What do you have to say about it?

In a way, it is correct. Talking about myself, I am not a writer, and direct films come to me. So, as I don’t write, the opportunities are fewer. It depends on the taste of individual person and how he adapts to the curent scenario. Some change and some do not.

Working experience with Gopichand?

This story is tailor-made for Gopichand. He has done a superb job in the film and his scenes with Prakash Raj will be a special highlight of the film.

Being a senior director, what’s your take on OTT?

We have been evolving with time and now it is the time for OTT to dominate and it is a good sign. Things will change and we will have to adjust. But if you ask me, I love big-screen releases only.

Are you trying to make a comeback once again?

Yes, I am trying hard to get Balayya on board for a film. But the story is not being set and one day when the proper story comes through, I will surely make my comeback film with Balayya.