Interview : Chaitan Bharadwaj – Composing BGM for Maha Samudram was a tough task

Maha Samudram is a film that is up for a release on the 14th of this month. On this occasion, we caught up with the film’s music director Chaitan Bharadwaj for a brief interview. Here is the transcript?.

What are the highlights of Maha Samudram?

The film is about varied emotions and the last half an hour is going to be filled with intense drama. Everyone will come out of the theatres on a silent note. Ajay Bhupathi has showcased tense emotions in a really different manner and composing BGM was quite challenging.

How do you approach the music while composing the score?

For me, the story of the film is quite important and then the director. Once the director narrates the story, I take the soul and weave my music around it. Maha Samudram has a heavy dosage of emotions and gave me good scope to compose music.

Ajay Bhupathi’s RX100 had a solid twist. Can we expect the same?

Maha Samudram will reach all your expectations completely. In a way, there are multiple twists that will impress you in this film. Ajay Bhupathi has once again done a solid job with this film.

Tell us about Maha Samudram’s album?

Cheppake song from the film is my favorite. The rest of the songs are also popular and not many know that the Hey Rambha song was crooned by me. All the songs have come out well and will click more once the film releases.

Working with the likes of Ajay Bhupathi?

Everyone says that he is a hot-headed director but that is not the case. Right from RX100, he encouraged me a lot and okayed most of my ideas. He gave me so much clarity on the script and its rooted emotions which helped me compose music.

Tell us about the performances of the actors?

I can only say that the performances by the lead cast are so intense that it has not been showcased in recent films. Every character has a proper ending and innocence attached to it.

Future Projects?

I have multiple films in the offing and am looking forward to working with the best of the directors in the days to come. When I am free, I create multiple plugins to suit my compositions. When a chance comes, I show them to my directors and see whether they can be used for their films.