Interview : Siddharth – My character in Maha Smaudram will shock you


Maha Samudram is up for a release this 14th and on this occasion, we caught up with Siddharth for a detailed interview. Here is the transcript.


What attracted you to Maha Samudram?

I happened to watch Maha Samudram and loved it completely. When Ajay came to me with Maha Samudram’s script, I was taken aback by the way he wrote the story and its characters. So, I did not think one bit and said yes to the film right away.


Working with an actor like Sharwanand?

Sharwa is an intense actor and I loved his performance. When I knew he was also a part of the film, I felt so happy as both our characters are intense and he has given a tough fight to me.


You look so different in the film. Tell us about it?

Yes, from the day, Ajay narrated the story, I told my makeup man that I should look completely different from the previous films. Not many know that this film happens in two different time zones and I pay a special part and my look had to be unique.


Did you watch the film? and what’s your take on it?

The film will be a sure-shot blockbuster and there is no doubt in it. The story itself is unique and the way love story and its twist have been given due importance will surprise one and all.


You are doing a Telugu film after a long time. How do you feel?

I have been doing the same films in Telugu and Tamil. That is the time, I decided to take a break and that is why the break come. But now, post-Maha Samudram, I will not leave Telugu films and do back-to-back projects.



Will we see a new Siddharth with this film?

Yes. All these days everyone saw me as a lover boy but with Maha Samudram things will change and I will get into a new image that will shock you one and all. This film has opened new avenues for me in my career.


Your take on Maa elections?

I have a life membership with Maa and am aware of all the things going on here. I will surely listen to both sides and cast my vote for the best man I feel.