Audio Review : Jabardasth – Refreshingly Different work from Thaman

Siddharth and Samantha will soon be seen in the romantic entertainer ‘Jabardasth’. The audio album has been launched recently in Hyderabad and Thaman has composed the film’s tunes. The film has been directed by Nandini Reddy, who made a strong impact with her debut film ‘Ala Modalayyindi’. The audio album has 5 songs in all, so let us check them out.


1, Song: Arere Arere

Singers: Nithya Menen

Lyrics : Sreshta

Nithya Menen is a lovely actress. This soothing number proves that she is a lovely singer as well. ‘Arere Arere’ is a solo romantic number that makes a solid impression instantly. Nithya Menen has done a great job with the vocals and her performance gives the song a very soothing quality. Sreshta’s lyrics are very good. Thaman has come up with some pretty subtle and melodious notes for this number. An excellent number overall.


2.Song: Allah Allah

Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Ranjith and Naveen Madhav

Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry

‘Allah Allah’ is a peppy Qawwali style number that has been rendered with great energy by Shreya Ghoshal, Ranjith and Naveen Madhav. Shreya Ghoshal’s spirited performance makes this song quite enjoyable and Rama Jogayya Sastry’s lyrics are decent. Thaman has come up with an interesting musical score for this song and it is quite refreshing to listen to the notes of the flute in his music.


3.Song: Megha Mala

Singers: Muralidhar, Rahul, Vandana, Rita and Meghana

Lyrics: Laxmibhoopal

This is a retro style number that encompasses some of the most prominent styles of Film music over the ages. The song starts off with the kind of music you will find in films from the 50’s and 60’s. It slowly progresses into the Disco era of the 80’s and finally ends up with some modern notes. The lead singers have done a decent job with the vocals. This song will most likely have some interesting visuals. Decent work from Thaman and Laxmibhoopal.


4.Song: Thees Maar Khan

Singers: Naveen Madhav

Lyrics: Laxmibhoopal

‘Thees Maar Khan’ is a 3 minute bit number that may be used as a filler during the hero’s introduction. The song describes the character traits of the hero and Naveen Madhav has done a good job with the vocals. Laxmibhoopal’s lyrics do the job. Thaman’s music is ok and the synthesizer dominates the sound track.


5.Song: Lashkar Pori

Singers: Muralidhar and Chorus

Lyrics: Laxmibhoopal

This is an out and out mass number that is aimed squarely at the front benchers. Muralidhar has rendered the song in an appropriately rustic way and Thaman has matched his performance with an equally earthy musical score. The pace of the song is good and this number will start to grow on you after you listen to it a couple of times. Expect some glamorous visuals from Samantha.


Verdict :

‘Jabardasth’ has a pretty interesting and enjoyable audio album. The best part about this album is some refreshingly new music from Thaman, who has otherwise been getting a little repetitive these days. ‘Arere Arere’ and ‘Allah Allah’ are easily the best songs of the film. Nandini Reddy has a good musical album on hand and if she can deliver with the film, Siddharth and Samantha have a potential hit on hand.

Reviewed by Mahesh S Koneru