Music Review : Dear Comrade – Romantic numbers take the cake

The complete audio of Dear Comrade is finally out in the open. Composed by the talented Justin Prabhakaran, let’s now see how this album turns out to be.

Song 1: Comrade Anthem

Analysis: The first song on the album, Comrade Anthem is a hard-hitting song which edges you to fight for what you love and believe in. The son is in a full-on aggressive mood and keeps you on your toes. The thought-provoking lyrics are nicely incorporated through a rap beat which sounds good. Vijay Devarakonda starts this song on a good note and this song will click only when you watch the rebellious visuals.

Song 2: Yetu Pone

Analysis:  The second song Yetu Pone is a heartbreak song which depicts the pain of the lover. This song has lyrics by singer Kaala Bhairava and creates a deep impact. The sad feeling of not finding one’s soul mate has been executed well through the lyrics. KK’s singing is good but the tune is just about okay. Vijay’s performance in this song is said to be special as this number will click only once you watch the visuals.


Song 3: Kadallale

Analysis:  The third and probably the best song of the album is Kadalalle. Sung by the super talented Sid Sriram, this song is heavenly and hits you right away. Sid’s singing making this song even special as he croons the lyrics in a spectacular manner. Already the promos of this song are a rage and once the film releases, this song will be a bigger hit in the coming days.
Song 4: Nee Neeli Kannullona

Analysis:  Moving on, the next song is Nee Neeli Kannullona. The song gives soothing and soulful vibes on the first listening. Gowtham Bharadwaj has sung this song which describes the male protagonist’s love and longing for his girl. Rehman has penned some touching lyrics that are rich in Telugu flavor. Tamil composer Justin Prabhakaran scores well with this song which gets better once you listen to it multiple times.

Song 5: O Kalala Kathala

Analysis:  The next song is O Kalala Kathala, a soothing and peppy number sung by Satya Prakash and Chinmayi. The song starts on a dull note but once it reaches the halfway, things become quite interesting. The hookup line Ra Ra, Chimayi’s singing and the chorus take you within the warmth of the song. A memorable montage number this song is which will be a bigger hit after you see the lead pair’s chemistry.

Song 6: Maama Choodaro

Analysis:  Next in line is Maama Choodaro. A wedding song which has a good feel. Naresh Iyer is the heart and soul of this song which is just average tune wise. The song has quite a good mood and brings out the memorable memories of the lead pair. Music director Justin Prabhakaran has kept the songs with the mood of the film.


Song 7: Gira Gira

Analysis:  The next song, Gira Gira is also going to be a rage in the coming days. A festive number which showcases the love with beautiful lyrics. The singing and composition is superb and gives a breezy feel to the ears. Justin Prabhakar has done a superb job with the music score in this number.

Song 8: Canteen Song

Analysis:  The last single is titled ‘Canteen’ song which is picturized in a single, 3-minute long shot. Canteen song is fun, loaded with cheeky lyrics which will make youngsters reminisce their college lives. Much to the thrill, Vijay Deverakonda has showcased his dancing skills in this song. Popular young composer Karthik Rodriguez has crooned the song which has been penned by lyricist Rehman. The song will set the mood right for this campus drama.



On the whole, the album of Dear Comrade has eight different kinds of songs. But what stands out are the romantic numbers which have been composed superbly by music director Justin Prabhakaran. Kadalalle, Gira Gira, O Kalala Kathala and Neenli Neeli Kannullone our picks and will be bigger hits once the film is out. For now, the songs have set the right tone for the romantic drama and the chemistry of Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika will make these songs even more popular in the coming days.