Audio Review : Paisa – Pleasant Tunes

Nani is all set to hit the screens in June with ‘Paisa’. The movie has been directed by Krishna Vamsi and Catherine Tresa is the heroine in the movie. Ramesh Puppala has produced this movie on his Yellow Flowers banner. The film’s music has been scored by Sai Karthik and the audio album has been released recently. Let us see how the audio album is.

1.Song: Govindaa Govindaa

Singers: Tippu, Baby Thillu

Lyrics: Anantha Sri Ram

‘Govindaa Govindaa’ is a peppy song that will most probably be used for Nani’s introduction in the film. Sai Karthik’s music has a very western feel and the good pace makes this a foot tapping number. Tippu has done a good job with the vocals. Anantha Sri Ram’s lyrics are neat and give an indication about the hero’s character in the film. Overall, this is a good number that is very easy on the ears.


2.Song: Mayya Mayya

Singers: Vijay Prakash

Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

‘Mayya Mayya’ is a romantic solo number that has been rendered well by Vijay Prakash. Lyrics have been penned by by Seetharama Sastry and that comes as a bit of a surprise, as the writing is quite different from his normal style. Sai Karthik’s music is a fusion of Indian and western tunes and the overall effect is quite pleasant. Expect very good visuals from Krishna Vamsi for this song.

3.Song: Neetho Edho

Singers: Shwetha Mohan, Sai Karthik

Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

Shwetha Mohan’s melodious voice shines through in this soft and melodious number. ‘Neetho Edho’ is a typical Telugu film romantic duet, with pleasant but slightly routine music. The synthesizer, the Octapad and other percussion instruments dominate the soundtrack. Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry’s lyrics are nice. Overall, this is a good number to listen to. Expect trademark Krishna Vamsi visuals for this number.


4.Song: Paisa Paisa

Singers: Ranjith, Rahul Nambiar, Karthik Kumar

Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

This song starts off quite interestingly, with vedic mantra style chants that eulogise the paisa (money). Ranjith, Karthik Kumar and Rahul Nambiar have taken care of the vocals for this song and they have done a neat job. Seetharama Sastry’s lyrics are good. Sai Karthik’s music is decent. He has made good use of the electronic guitar for this number. Expect this song to come in during a key moment in the film.

5. Song: Eppudaithe Puttindho

Singers: Krishna Vamsi, Vitthal, Dhanraj ,Thagubothu Ramesh, Chandra

Lyrics : Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

This is a very rustic song that has been sung by Krishna Vamsi, Vitthal, Thagubothu Ramesh and others. Sai Karthik’s music matches the vocals and the lyrics. Seetharama Sastry’s lyrics are ok. The overall effect of this song is not too pleasant and this is perhaps the only weak link in this album. Mercifully, this is quite a short number.



6.Song: Paisa Theme

Singers: Sai Karthik


Sai Karthik seems to have saved his best for the last number in this music album. The music of this ‘Paisa Theme’ is very entertaining and one is reminded of soundtracks from the 80’s and 90’s. The acoustic guitar and percussion instruments have been used very effectively for this number. Superb!

Verdict :

‘Paisa’ has some pretty decent music. The film’s theme song, ‘Paisa Theme’, is highly entertaining and music director Sai Karthik has done a very good job with this number. Among the other tracks, ‘Govindaa Govindaa’ ‘Neetho Edho’ and ‘Mayya Mayya’ are good. Sai Karthik has played a safe game, by coming up with pleasant but slightly routine music. Krishna Vamsi is known for coming up with very good visuals for his songs, so let us see what magic he can do this time.

Reviewed by Mahesh S Koneru